Thursday, 26 January 2012

Photo - Quote

A friend of mine sent me an awesome quote which I feel that right now I can kinda relate too.

With everything going on in my life from my marriage ending, to having feelings for someone who I shouldn't really have feelings for, to also trying to deal with my crazy move around a lot and not being able to connect or bond with anyone (friends or family) just makes for one crazy person and that as my friends would say is VERY true! ;)

I do know that everything I am going through or will go through in the next few months and even years that when I need to I have people that I can turn too for support.

I'm slowly starting to realise that its ok to want to take control of my own life and still be me. Eventually I will get there and slowly taking my own control back really helps.

To be able to feel more confident in myself and know that I pushed through all of this will be the best kind of personal development I can do.

So where do I sign up?

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