Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Starting New

I really should use this thing more often but I guess I kinda worry about who is reading it.

Actually, that’s a lie, the only person who I really worry about reading is my ex husband.

I really should take my own advise and just say what I want to say because seriously if people don’t want to read what i have to write then they don’t have to follow the link lol.

Recently separated from my Husband for reasons I won’t go into right now I find myself at times a little ‘lost’.

I do feel marrying as young as I did that mentally I had to grow up faster than some of my other friends.

Now that I’m no longer married the friends who are my age are more focused on themselves and what’s going on in their own little worlds. It’s like nothing else matters but them.

When going through a separation and then eventually a divorce it makes you realize who your real friends are. I thought I had the best group of friends anyone could ask for. Girls nights, double dates with our husbands, rugby we all did a lot of things together yet slowly but surely my ‘friends’ just left. It wasn’t that they chose sides I guess as my ex husband puts it, I betrayed and hurt my friends.

I really do miss my group of friends but I’m so grateful now to have new friends. People who actually ask if I’m ok and who laugh at my jokes (out of pity of course lol) but as dumb as the situation is right now with my ex husband I’m glad that I have the support and love from people who 2.5 months ago were complete strangers to me.

I don’t know what’s in store for me yet but for now I’ll just take each day as it comes and think positive.

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