Friday, 10 February 2012

Being Prepared

So we've been told since before dinosaurs roamed the earth that we should have food storage.

Growing up we never had anything so with it being a new year I thought why not start now. It's a lot more smarter to buy something every week rather than rushing out to the supermarket to try and buy it all in one go. It's also a good idea to buy things you're actually going to eat. Don't go buying tins of tuna when you know you're not going to eat it. (Can you tell I like budget stuff - You wont really care what brand it is when you've got nothing else to eat)

Like I said start small and work your way up till you have enough food storage for you and your family.

Today I went out and picked up some of the basics, obviously I need more than this but for now it's better than nothing.

Make sure you have something to cook your food with and invest in waterproof matches.

Sometimes when you think about it, it can be a huge process and I know some people who put it off either because they don't think anything will happen or they just don't have the space to put all the food.

If space is an issue start first with a 72 hour kid...every member of your household should have one...and be sure to rotate everything out every 6 months. One good way to do that, especially if you have children is to go on a little camping weekend away use up all of your stock and replace it with fresh ones.

As far as for nothing happening you just never know. There is already so much going on in the world that wouldn't it make you want to be prepared rather than not.

Start today and be prepared!

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