Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thinking Out Loud

There's that part of me that hopes sort of wonders that when our relationship changes that it'll be easy.

I tell myself and others that I'm doing really well and I really am...there is just that small part where I wonder if she was right when she said that I was in too deep and whether or not I will have the 'courage' to let go of our relationship and be friends.

I feel in working with DS that I'm starting to understand myself and my needs and that as hard as it is sometimes to say....or even think it but I am important and I really do deserve to be happy and with someone who loves me and wants to be with me, weaknesses and all.

I feel that right now as deep in as I am that I really am ok with moving on from it all...and only time will tell how much our relationship changes and in what regard it will actually change. It could be that maybe we lose that friendship or it could be that we become best friends either way whatever happens I know that I'll be ok and will be able to pull through all of it.

1 comment:

  1. i know youll get there, u havwe the inner strength and support to do it