Saturday, 24 March 2012

Box Of Memories

Every time I try and sort through our things I always find it difficult. It's hard to have to sit and wade through letters, photos, wedding cards, anniversary presents and gifts we gave each other or received from other people.

I've tried so many times to go through the box but there are just too many memories and it's hard not to go through it without feeling all emotional and sad.

We had some really good times and looking in you were the person who could've given me everything that I wanted, but at the same time I wasn't happy, we both weren't happy.

It's hard to just forget or try to get over someone who you were with for 7 years but I'm trying to deal with the motions of it all. I'm trying to grieve the relationship, which as Dolly says isn't a bad thing.

I hope one day that if and when our paths cross again that we can smile and be happy for each other wherever we are in our lives. We used to be best friends and I'm sorry that we're not anymore.

Just so you know, the time we did have together as hard as it was, there were more happy times for me then there were sad. It was a rough ride for us but we really were happy and we really did love each other, things just didn't end up the way that we had hoped and I'm sorry for that too.

I really do hope we can both move past this and just be happy for ourselves and for each other. You are a great guy and you deserve to be happy, we both do.

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