Friday, 3 May 2013

Lost Friendship

I miss his friendship more than I thought. I know I don't need those kinds of friends in my life but he was the one I shared my day with. I miss the weirdlyness of our friendship.

The other night when we talked I could tell things were different. He wasn't the sane funny weirdly guy I knew (or thought I knew). He seemed more quiet. He wasn't as friendly. His personality wasn't shining through like it usually does. I know how he feels isn't something I should concern myself with especially after everything that happened but I still care about him. He became like a best friend to me. We were meant to be in each others lives but things changed when he decided to choose her.

I really am happy for him I just hope that he really is happy and that he's not 'sucking it up' as we both like to call it.

It's a sad thing how 4 days ago we were the best of friends and today we're complete strangers.

I'm getting past it all and learning to let go of the friendlationship (it's what we called it) it's just hard when all I can think about is how much I miss his friendship.

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