Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Another Year

Today would have marked 8 years and it amazes me how far I have come as a person and where I am today.  My life has changed both for the better and sometimes for the worse.
If anyone were to ask me 8 years ago would I be where I am now I would have said No! We were meant to be starting a life together, our eternity. Our life was meant to be filled with happiness.  Love.  A family. Us. Church.  Blessings. But sadly that wasn't meant for us, at least not together and I am sorry for that.
As hard as it was when we seperated I am so much happier with how my life is now. I have grown up and pulled myself out of some crazy stuff but I'm happy. I am in a place where I am content. Where I feel like I can be myself. Where I feel loved for me and not for the person you wanted me to be. I don't feel like I need to hide for fear of being rejected or wrong.
I didn't think 2 years ago when we seperated that I would be able to move past it but I did, albeit sometimes I still am but mostly I have moved on.
I'm so sorry for all the hurt I caused you but I really hope one day you find something or someone that makes you happy.  After everything we went through, you went through and what I put you through you deserve to be happy.
I truly am sorry.

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