Wednesday, 27 November 2013


This morning was one of the mornings where that stupid song played on my way to work and it reminded me of you. 

I've heard it a few times at work (at least twice a week sometimes more) and a few of us joke about how it's my favourite song.  Oh and look its on again. 

It reminds me how much I wished you didn't act and do the things you did to me. I wonder what in the hell you were thinking.  I am over you and the whole thing just for some stupid reason today is one of those days when it makes me sad. 

One of those days where I regret it all. Where I wished it were different.  Where I wished I never met or knew you. One of those days where all I want to do is tell you how much I hate you but we both know I'm not that sort of person.  

Sometimes I wish we could take away parts of our memories so I could forget it all.

Monday, 18 November 2013

New Start

Today a friend of a friend messaged me on FB and said even though she doesn't know me well she really wants to help me with my eating. I don't eat super bad I don't think but I know I could eat a lot cleaner. The times I struggle the most are weekends when I am working overnight shifts at work, weekends in general and that time of day straight after work when I am getting food ready for the kids when I tend to pick at bad foods.
Tomorrow I start with being more accountable with what I am eating and making note of every single food drink and sweet that passes my lips. I will email said friend each day and she will help me to make the change.  On top of all of that I will also look at joining the gym. After everything that has gone on I am excited to start a new journey to be a healthier better me.