Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fab 5

Top left taken July 2013 and October 2013. Bottom left
taken June 2013 and the other was taken Christmas Day
With a few things coming up for some of us at work the 5 girls decided to get together for Fab 5 biggest loser.  Officially we start Monday BUT these past few days I've already got the knack of trying to eat healthier and be a better me amongst a few bits of random pieces of chocolate.

I think when I am prepared food wise I eat  alot more healthier than I would normally. One thing I struggle with the most is breakfast... I have never ever been a huge breakfast fan but the last couple days I have been better about it.  Other than that I do quite well.

Next week starts the journey again and we have 12 weeks to get into the best shape of our lives... I'm pretty competitive and I'm totally in it for the money LOL.  $20 buy in.  $5 from the personn who loses the least amount of percentage each week and $2 for staying the same or gaining makes it at least $160 after 12 weeks which isn't so bad.

Monday will be D today! I will post weight and measurements.  I'd say wish me luck but I think I need more than luck.

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