Monday, 20 January 2014


When J and I were married we moved to Auckland and I moved away from friends and family to a place where I knew no one.  J had been living in Auckland the last little while so already had and knew people who he'd become friends with.

We had been invited around to a families place for games and pizza where we met the Rameka's from then on we all became the best of friends.  J and I moved into the ward where our friends were and we had an instant group of friends where all the husbands did guys night and the girls did girls night along with lunch and all of that.

We really were the best of friends.  We were in each others lives for close to 4/5 years. I loved spending time with them watching their kids grow.  Spending birthdays together... church activities... random games night....dessert night. Pot luck dinners.

I never ever thought we'd lose the friendship but once things went south with J I lost all of those friends. They all decided to choose J's side which I get BUT it makes me sad that the people who I thought were my best of friends are now total strangers.  I don't think we could ever get back to that friendship again and it doesn't help that J is still close friends with them BUT I miss them. I miss hearing about their lives. How their now 1 child has turned into 5 more into our group of friends. I won't lie I still get bitter about it all sometimes and everytime I talk about it it still makes me sad but I hope one day that everything will work out and we can at least be in each others lives in someway but until then I will remember the fun times we had and how much at that time their friendship meant to me. 

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