Monday, 20 January 2014

Chat With Me

I was always told growing up that you should be careful with who you talk to online and the kinds of things that are said and what is shared. Now a days though I feel that more people are open to sharing a lot more about themselves than they would have a few years ago.

I know I am definitely one of those share too much talk enough for the both of us. kind of person. 

I have always thought I was an out going sort of person but there are times when I can be quite shy.  I guess for the most part I find it a lot easier to meet and talk to people online whether it be a guy or a girl.. in fact one of my best friends I met online and still haven't met in person... I guess the church and NZ happens to be a small place that we happened to meet while they were living all the way in the US of A and sadly for both of us we are still friends lol.

I try not to think so much when it comes to chatting with people online.  After the whole incident with Steve and how all of that turned out I do my best to take everything more at face value than think too much.  I enjoy meeting and talking to people and if I can make a friend out of an online chat then I am totally going to go for it.  If I happen to find more from an online chat then I am ok with that too.  For now I will spend my free time making new friends and enjoying the crazyness that is the world wide web.

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