Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fitness, Farewells and Foods

Day 3: Today nearly killed me. I got through it even though I struggled to get in the last 5 sit ups of the 25 today. Going to have sore muscles tomorrow. It'll all be worth it though.  Let hope that I can keep up with it hey?!? 

Someone who has worked with our company for the last little while is leaving and taking up a new job somewhere else.  We all signed the farewell card for her and this was the message the IT guy wrote. If you didn't know or get his sense of humour you'd probably be offended. 

Moving house in a few days I am moving out west. It will be a big change to go from living on the North Shore for the past 9 years to moving out West but the change will do me good and I'm looking forward to settling in with a new flatmate (even if she is my bosses boss lol) I won't hold that against her at all haha. 

I've walked past Sushi Pac on High Street a few times before but this particular day I'd seen a sign saying they now made sushi with brown rice.  Totally one for brown rice I needed to try it out.

I love this place.  They have any kind of sushi you could want and if it's not made up they'll make it for you.  Anything and everything I think... maybe except for some expensive kind of seafood that is hard to find lol.   If you haven't already tried it you totally need too.  I went with brown rice, salmon and avocado. Love it.

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