Monday, 31 March 2014


Today was one of those days where I wished it was the weekend already.  Global was busy as it always is for a Monday.  Was good to see the kids and hear about their weekend away in Hahei.  They went with another family friend and had a boys weekend away which they loved.

Not much to report though received my next 2 days of food from Fit Me In.  Still loving them and their food.  

Nanny kids parents had some smoked fish at home tonight and Mr. 6 loves it.  He sat up at the bench have a feast while the Dad made smoked fish pie for dinner. 

The night ended well with a beautiful sunset from the deck tonight. Loving the new place and loving the flatmate. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Global Sunday & Family Dinner

Worked this morning and it was the slowest day ever. Sunday shifts at work are a bit of a hit or miss with whether or not we can handle with 2 staff or if we need a third person.  It was super dead that someone called to tell me that they did a fire drill and the lift wasn't working?  I thought to myself you really shouldn't be using the lift in a fire but according to the customer everyone was waiting for the lift while they did their fire drill.  Weird.

Ended up with juice from tank today.  Strawberry. Pineapple. Orange. Ginger with a shot of vitamin C I needed it today and it was super yummo.

Dinner with TP's kids had been planned since earlier in the week so I got home from work and helped TP prep some of the food before the kids arrived.  TP is an amazing cook.  She makes roast for us at work for Christmas and makes an amazing curry as well.  Tonight's dinner was roast chicken with vegetables and stuffing.  Amazeballs.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Fit Me In

As I mentioned earlier in the week I had started on a new food plan via a company called Fit Me In.  The food they provide is clean, free from sugar, refined carbs, no added chemicals or salt and their Paleo menu is also gluten free.  Above is some of the food they have sent which all of it has been amazing!   You can check the website out  Here to see the menu for this week.

Each week the menu changes and you can choose to have all 3 meals made and delivered to you as is or you can customise and build your own menu based on whether you want no carbs at all or even bigger portioned meals.

I'm ending the first week of Fit Me In and I can't rave enough about the food.  It's delicious, fresh, healthy, clean and for someone like me who has PCOS the low carb paleo style menu works really well for me.

The Fit Me In team are amazing.  You can ask as many questions as you like via their FB page and they're always happy to help and answer any questions or concerns you have.  They've gone out of their way to put my food on an early delivery as I start work at 6am so love that just before 6am I can get to work and have my meals waiting or they turn up just a little after I get to work.

It's simple easy and helps me so much with not having to worry about working all day with Global and the kids then having to come home to prep dinner and have it still be clean healthy and fresh.

I would recommend that everyone tries it.  Even if only just to go for the dinner menu which is what I've recommend to a few friends.  Click and choose what you would like to order. Customise the menu as you need too pay and wait for the food to be delivered.  Orders need to be in by the Saturday night for the following week and then food is delivered to you 3 times a day so you know the food is the freshest that it can be.

I love Fit Me In and I'm looking forward to working with the team to become a more happier healthier and newer me.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


I enjoy Thursday with the kids because it's the day of the week when Mr. 6 and I have a little over an hour to do things on our own while Mr. 10 is at Tennis.  As much as Mr. 6 loves Mr. 10 we have fun and do things from watching movies, to playing xbox, baking or even trying to look up tutorials for rainbow loom bracelets on YouTube. 

Dinners with the kids can be a bit interesting some nights and tonight's dinner was no exception.  Mr. 6 wanted avocado on toast and made sure to remind me that the avocado needed to me mushed into the toast and Mr. 10 wanted omelet with egg only and tomato on the side as long as they eat something that's all that matters to me really.  Bring on Friday and the weekend.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Working Out

Had my first appointment at the Gym today.  It went well.  We went through what I wanted to gain from going to the gym.  What goals I had.  What I wanted to work towards.  We took some measurements and my blood pressure and we pretty much go from there.  I have my next appointment Saturday morning where someone will take me through my program and how to do the exercises correctly.  It should be a fun morning... I'm super unfit but hey you have to start somewhere right?

Kids were pretty good today.  Mr. 6 wanted photos with the kittens as he always does and for some reason neither of the boys wanted "real" food for dinner.  Mr. 6 wanted avocado on toast and made sure to tell me that the avocado needed to be really squished down into the toast and Mr. 10 wanted an omelet with egg and tomato on the side.  As weird and crazy as these boys are I really do love them.   Roll on Friday. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fit Me In

My first delivery of food came yesterday.  It was amazing.  Way better than I thought it was going to be and I'm so glad I decided to go with Fit Me In.  I was sent meals for Monday and today and will be sent another 6 meals tomorrow for Wednesday and Thursday. 

Looking forward to blogging it out with more information and such in the weekend. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Furry Animals

Woke up to this crazy cat sleeping on my bed. I'm not sure why but for some reason he's been sleeping on my bed the last few nights.  Most mornings by the time I'm awake he's always gone not this morning though he was still sleeping snuggled up. Everyone is waiting for the cat to claw me, apparently he's crazy psycho like that.  Ok time to get out the door.  Work is calling my name.  Good Morning Monday-Itis.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

West Wave

Decided on top of the nutrition the next thing I needed to do was get into the gym.  I won't lie I hate cardio with a passion and it's why I have no motivation what so ever to hit the pavement soo decided my only option was to pay to run haha.  It might sound crazy to some but at least I know I won't let my money go to waste because well I'm just not that sort of person.

Signed up with West Wave Aquatic Centre which is about 5 minutes up the road from my house.  I had researched and looked at other gyms closer to my work or closer to the kids but decided to go with West Wave. It's closer to home and it also has a pool which once I feel more comfortable I will get in some laps or some walking.

I have my first appointment on Wednesday where we will go through health things measurements and what kind of goals I want to have and achieve.  I haven't been to the gym in over 2 maybe even 3 years it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Saturday, 22 March 2014


I've decided now is the time to get back into trying to be a bit better with my eating and exercising because to be honest my exercise is pretty much non existent.  I don't eat so bad but it could be a lot healthier and cleaner. 

Currently I'm spending around... $120 - $150 a week on groceries this is for plain chicken and vegetables and sometimes some red meat thrown into the mix of it all with nuts fruits and the likes for snacks.  I decided to look around and see what other options were out there and stumbled across a few websites which offer a mix of things from, Paleo, Low Carb, Gluten Free and even a mix of all 3.

I stumbled across a site called Fit Me In.  To sum it up quickly they make the food for you and it's delivered to your home work or gym 3 times a week.  I placed an order for 3 meals a day, breakfast and dinner for 6 days out of 7. I will do a more detailed post about it next week once I've tried the food.  The menu looks amazing and I'm excited to try it out.

Friday, 21 March 2014


My Nanny kids are in a lot of after school activities which they love.  Mr. 6 isn't in any this term which is ok but Mr. 10 is involved in Soccer,  Tennis and Basketball.

Basketball has just started back up and we have a few games before they're graded and then the season will officially start.

Mr. 10 is a good player though there are times when he loves to not share the ball haha but I think all kids are like that... wanting everyone to see how good of a player they are. It was a good game and his team drew 8 all with Mr. 10 coming away with player of the day.

As much as I am tired by the end of the day and week I really do love the boys and I couldn't imagine what it would be like without them... awww. lol.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Random moment today.  Everyone at work was talking about going to Mexico for dinner and how the food was fantastic.  What they liked.  Who was going and to which store.  I kid you not in that same minute Mel text to ask if I wanted to meet up and go for dinner.  Of course I said yes!  I love that place and the food is def to die for!

I arrived earlier than I thought and ordered some drinks while I waited.  Pineapple Jarritos super yummo and it was the first time I'd try it too.

Mel arrived a few minutes after me and we ordered some nachos to start with while we waited for our food to arrive and caught up on some of the gossip and news going on in each others lives. I always enjoy those kinds of catchs ups I just wish I was more of a friend to some of the people I know than just a once in a life time lets have really long catch ups because I'm really busy kind of thing.

The food was great and I loved seeing Mel I even loved the shopping we did at Farmers well that Mel did I didn't buy too much.  Was nearly tempted to go with all kinds of kitchen things since they were all on sale BUT I controlled my urges haha! As much as I love them I know I don't need them.

One of the things I also found out is that Mel is going to be walking in Relay for Life. She is in it with a team but to even think about walking it is an achievement on it's own which I'm so proud of her for.  The link is Here where you can either make a donation or see what Relay for Life is all about.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Developmen Team

Mr. 10 has been playing soccer for as long as I've had him and probably a few years before then as well.  We just got done with the Summer season of Soccer and have now moved into the Winter season.

He's a great player and a fantastic goal keep.  No one really knows how the teams are picked but Mr. 10 wasn't picked for the development team so the coach of the team somehow managed to get Mr. 10 and another player into the team who are both really great players.

Today was our first practise before we get into the season which starts in a couple of weeks.  He did a great job of being goal and managed to get some tips from one of the Dads who took his name out to work with Mr. 10 on his goalie skills.

Looking forward to the season and seeing how the team comes together as one and how far they get in the season.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Today was one of those days where all the kids wanted to do was everything BUT homework.  I decided to give them some free time quick before we got onto homework.  Mr 6 wanted to show me how to play COD Black Ops.  Little does he know I can play but I let him enjoy showing me how to do something for a change.

Fun day and I'm glad that we got to have some free time doing nothing since it's very rear that we get too with our busy schedule.

Monday, 17 March 2014


Over the last few days I've been watching Betrayal and tonight there was an episode which very much reminded me of my relationship with J. I got a little teary eyed as I watched how hurt both parties were when telling the other about an affair that they were having.  It made me think how hurt J must have been after finding out about Martin and I.

There are so many things I regret about how it all ended with J.  I wish so many times that it ended on a better note for the both of us, him especially.  It was over 2 years ago now since it all ended but last nights episode of Betrayal just made me think about J and I much I had hurt hm.  I truly am sorry for the hurt I caused him and I really am in a happier place than I was 2.5 years ago.

Blah... Time to move on from it all.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


A severe storm was meant to hit this weekend.  No major damage here on my side of town. Some parts of the country have been battered and Lusi is making her way down to the South Island so should be an interesting one.

A family member has their boat in Paihia and it ended up under the bridge.  The husband is collecting the stuff from their boat which is now parked up at a boat yard.  Lucky for them they have insurance still sucks though. 

I can imagine a lot of people in other parts of NZ will have things flying left right and centre with the crazy winds and a few broken things too.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Facebook Relationships

Over the last few days I've received FB messages from a fair amount of people all claiming to be this or that and think the world of me and blah blah blah.  It's all starting to get a bit crazy!  I mean these people go out of their way to make a FB page and try to lure you in by adding photos so that it seems more genuine.  How crazy do you have to be to think sure this person created their FB page 2 minutes ago added random photos of some random guy/girl threw in a few of some kids and wahlah they're ready to date be in a relationship and want to marry you.

I decided to message a few of the people back to see where it would lead and whether or not you can tell the real from the fake.

One of the people messaged back and after and I kid you not... after all of 5 minutes he literally asked me to marry him.  He said that he wanted someone honest and loving and caring and wait for it.. someone to be a Mum to his daughter who he has every weekend.  I struggled to believe anything he told me and then to think he turned it around onto me saying he didn't want anything to do with me and I should delete myself because I'm accusing.

I decided to link him to my blog then when I questioned his location again he tells me that the man installed a VPN because someone hacked his computer and it stops them from doing it again. I swear he googled his answers lol. 

Moral of the story:  Had a good laugh. Blocked and deleted him.  Beware of stranger danger on FB folks.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Not So Dirty 30s

Today was an amazing day!  I was in early to put decorations up for Esther's birthday but the lovely Danielle and Lyla had already put them up when I got it!  They did a fantastic job.  Loved it.

The amazingness that was the food! All the people in the back office bought in food to share with everyone.  There was more than enough to even invite the people out the front even though we weren't going too!  BUT we all felt bad not inviting them!

I was ok cake duty and baked it last night let it cool and then iced it all this morning at work.  Bit of a fail with the icing in the beginning but it came together eventually.

Cake in all it's glory.  It was a bit of a last minute cake and I was going to do something completely different but didn't have the things I needed on hand. This cake still turned out amazing and Esther and everyone else at the office loved it.  Sugar overload for me though.

All of us in the back put money in and got a gift which Jazzy and CC were in charge of so away they went and this is what they came back with.  They picked well. 

After all of that we made sure to get in a few photos with the birthday girl though some of them I need to get from other peoples phones/cameras.

Great day and I'm so lucky to have Esther as a friend.  Weird to think nearly 2 years ago we were strangers now we're great friends and someone I really look up too and admire.  Happy Birthday Gaylfriend!  Love you lots!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Work was boring today.  Slow. 

Finished with the kids early too they had plans with family friends so dropped them off at Castor Bay Beach for the arvo. 

Home around 6ish then off to the supermarket to pick up a few things for tomorrow's morning tea birthday celebrations for Esther. 

I made choc cake and quiche.

Tired.  Still need to ice and decorate cake and be at work before 6am. Time to sleep.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Me: Hello, it's Teesh from Global Security can I speak with X please?
Her: Who?
Me: X
Her: Oh, do you have his mobile? Call there.  What is it in regards too?
Me: His house alarm
Her: His what?
Me: His house alarm
Her: His health?
Me: No, his house alarm
Her: His fire alarm?
Me: No house, H O U S E, house
Her: Ohhhh his house alarm
Me: Yes, don't worry I will call on his cellphone.

That was one off the many conversations we have to have with some of our customers.  I love my job and the people I work with especially but I swear sometimes customer just have no clue about alarms. I'm always in awe as to why they have an alarm when they can't even use it or when you tell them.. "Oh hi yes we've just received a power failure come through from your alarm" and they reply back with "Ok and what does that mean?" - Like are you freaking kidding me??!  Just don't have an alarm if you have no idea how it works. Pushing a remote button that says set on your alarm isn't enough people.

Ok vent over! 

Your Life Your Call

Sometimes I wonder why I ask questions when I know the answer is going to hurt me.  Do I enjoy being reminded that he hurt me the way that he did?  Do I enjoy knowing that he couldn't care less how much he hurt me and only cared about himself.  Perhaps I'm just a sucker for punishment.  

I think what I struggle with the most and it's not even that we aren't together. 

I think it's more I struggle with the fact that he all of a sudden decided he didn't feel anything anymore.  Never mind about how I felt just made sure to ignore me treat me like crap and then expect me to get over it on my own.

par The relationsship part of us I'm over it just the whole lead up to it all then the way it all ended is what I struggle with getting my head around some days.  

It's still early into 2014 and even though  I've said it before this year really is going to be a better year for me.  Work is going well.  Health is starting to get better both with myself and with the eating. 

Relationship wise as sad as I get some times I'm so much happier to be alone than to be in a relationship I'm unhappy in.  After everything I've been through I'm ok to wait it out and I'm patient enough too.  

Besides isn't there some sort of saying like "Good things come to those who wait?" 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Shifting Weight

Sooo we started a work biggest loser a little under 12 weeks ago.

The first few weeks I did amazingly.  My eating was great I was getting in the exercise and working on drinking more water. 

I moved a couple weeks ago and my eating pretty much went down hill. 

Bad food.  No exercise.  Too much alcohol. Lol.

This week is a new week to focus on me and as I type this I'm working and eating muesli with almond milk and 2 tspns of Greek yoghurt. 

Will go for a walk later this evening and hopefully get in some weight training with the weights sitting under my bed that are collecting dust.

Totally need to get back into it.

Hotter healthier happier me.  Here I come.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Not So Funday

Police chopper was flying over our place till 1am this morning not good when you have a 5am wake up call. 

Had a crap start to my day with some idiot who thought it would be awesome to follow me through to the service station knowing I couldn't move my car forward he decided to get out of his car ask me to move my car because for some reason he wasn't able to move his car to one of the 6 other pumps on either side of us.  Idiot.

Work sucked too.  Slow as a mofo but I got through around 4 epsiodes of The Blacklist totally loving the show everyone needs to watch it.

Home to meal prep for work for the next few days then onto dinner and now I'm sitting in front of the TV stuffing my face with a peanut slab.  Tomorrow I am back onto cleaner heathier eating. 

Lets do this!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Birthdays & Mormons

Happy birthday firstly to one of the coolest chicks I know.  She's always been there for me whenever I've needed a friend, a crying shoulder at 2am, an opinion and even offering an I told you so when it was needed.  I'm grateful to have had her in my life these however many freaking years so thanks for being a great friend and I hope today has been a great day despite everything else :)

Another happy birthday shout out to my Hector (my step dad) who stepped into an instant family of 3 kids when we were young and who has always been a Dad figure in my life and even though we're not close I'm grateful to him mostly for introducing our family to the church.  Even though not a lot of us often or at all it's one of the things I will be forever grateful to him for so Happy Birthday old man. :)

I've talked a few times now about how I miss the church and how I feel like it's time to go back. I've spent the last 2.5 years away from church and doing things I know I shouldn't or the things I probably should have done as a teenager.  I moved to a new area a couple weeks ago which meant a new stake, a new ward and somewhere where no one would know what happened with J and I.  As luck would have it I guess you can call it the Elders happened to be in my area.  My flatmate came to my room and was all "The Mormons are here" so I went out to see them. We talked a while and I gave them a quick run down of my life then we made an appointment for them to come over sometime next week.  I don't know if it was coincidence or not but I'm really glad that they happened to be in my area even if they were looking for someone else.  We shall see how all of this pans out but right now I do feel like it's time for me to go back to church and get my life all in order.

Friday, 7 March 2014


I've never been the biggest fan of his but I'm really liking this song at the moment!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

We Had A Promise Made, We Were In Love

It couldn't have been a more perfect day. Friday 28th February 2014. I spent the morning with the bride to be - Raya,  her bridesmaid - Mel and the cute flower girl Emma.  It was a fantastic amazing morning getting our hair and make up done and enjoying croissants with Ham and Cheese, a few bubbles some snacks and of course chocolate.

It was now time to head off to the venue I needed to help set up a few things for Raya so off I went while the girls finished getting ready.  The reception and wedding were held at butterfly creek I'd never been before but it's def an amazing place to have a wedding at.

As it is tradition the bride was around 30 minutes late but that's ok she looked gorgeous and so did Mel and Emma and especially the gorgeous grandma flower girl. It was hard to hold back tears as I watched Raya walk down the isle with her Dad towards Mike.  It really was an amazing day.

After it was all legal tegal we all got to sit enjoy the reception the speeches the company the photo booths the family photos and dance the night away before we all caught a taxi to our hotel for more partying until we finally crashed out at 2am.

Such an amazing day and I'm so grateful to have met Suraya and Mike and to have been able to celebrate their day with them.  I love you guys to infinity and beyond. :)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

It's All Over Before It Started

I knew going in that it was going to be crazy and boy was I right!  After 10 days I decided to give up on him and the crazy idea of him trying to push me into something I wasn't ready for. 

For some reason he couldn't get through his head that after all of the things I've been through I didn't want to rush.  He didn't listen at all.  It was all about him and how he wanted the relationship regardless of my feelings.

The final straw came today though where the conversation went something like this:

Him: Are you not talking to me today?
Me: Not really I need a break. I've told you before I don't want to rush and you only seem to care that I'm not interested because I don't want to meet.
Him: Ok I will give you one last chance. Meet me tonight.
Me:  Are you kidding me?!? What part of don't rush me did you not get??

I'm glad I found out the kind of guy he was.  Imagine what it would have been like if things ever progressed.  Crazy!

Monday, 3 March 2014

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

For those of you who read regularly you will know I've had my ups and downs when it comes to dating and relationships.  From Jared to Martin, then along came Steve and mostly recently Joseph. I've had a fair few thrown in between the mix of that but most of it always ended up in heartbreak or something that just wasn't worth mentioning.

A couple months back I decided to give online dating another shot. As much as I didn't think I was ready to move on from the whole getting hurt time and time again the least I could do was give it a try.

There have been a few people here and there who send messages but nothing more has eventuated from it at least not until the last week and a bit.

I had received a message from a guy who seemed genuine and nice enough and his profile seemed to match the kind of person I'd consider dating.  We spent the next few days after I guess trying to get to know one another which went awesomely and fantastically.  As always I'm more careful with what I share because after everything I've been through why wouldn't I be more careful?

The last few days however have been a bit of a crazy roller coaster of emotions.  We spent our Friday "arguing" it out about why I had not made plans to meet with him the previous night as I said I had plans which I did but they fell through. I didn't/don't get why he can't see where I'm coming from and I guess to him it doesn't make sense either.   All I want is for him to go slow?  Is it so hard to ask that of him and have him be ok with it all?  Yes I get that it's probably crazy and weird but do you blame me after all of that bad crap that I've had to go through?  I really do get where he's coming from and I don't blame him I just... I guess I struggle some.

I know not all guys are the same and it's not fair of me to expect some guy to just wait forever while I sort through my issues I just wish I didn't feel so confused or conflicted about it all.  I'm not saying I won't give him a chance I just feel like it's a lets meet now get to know each other in person now or it's a nothing... I'm pretty sure it's not like that but it's how I feel.

Perhaps talking it out tonight will help.  All I know is I can't wait for the day to be over so I can move past all the crap.  Here is hoping the kids will make for a great afternoon of fun together.