Thursday, 27 March 2014


I enjoy Thursday with the kids because it's the day of the week when Mr. 6 and I have a little over an hour to do things on our own while Mr. 10 is at Tennis.  As much as Mr. 6 loves Mr. 10 we have fun and do things from watching movies, to playing xbox, baking or even trying to look up tutorials for rainbow loom bracelets on YouTube. 

Dinners with the kids can be a bit interesting some nights and tonight's dinner was no exception.  Mr. 6 wanted avocado on toast and made sure to remind me that the avocado needed to me mushed into the toast and Mr. 10 wanted omelet with egg only and tomato on the side as long as they eat something that's all that matters to me really.  Bring on Friday and the weekend.

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