Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Not So Funday

Police chopper was flying over our place till 1am this morning not good when you have a 5am wake up call. 

Had a crap start to my day with some idiot who thought it would be awesome to follow me through to the service station knowing I couldn't move my car forward he decided to get out of his car ask me to move my car because for some reason he wasn't able to move his car to one of the 6 other pumps on either side of us.  Idiot.

Work sucked too.  Slow as a mofo but I got through around 4 epsiodes of The Blacklist totally loving the show everyone needs to watch it.

Home to meal prep for work for the next few days then onto dinner and now I'm sitting in front of the TV stuffing my face with a peanut slab.  Tomorrow I am back onto cleaner heathier eating. 

Lets do this!

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