Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Your Life Your Call

Sometimes I wonder why I ask questions when I know the answer is going to hurt me.  Do I enjoy being reminded that he hurt me the way that he did?  Do I enjoy knowing that he couldn't care less how much he hurt me and only cared about himself.  Perhaps I'm just a sucker for punishment.  

I think what I struggle with the most and it's not even that we aren't together. 

I think it's more I struggle with the fact that he all of a sudden decided he didn't feel anything anymore.  Never mind about how I felt just made sure to ignore me treat me like crap and then expect me to get over it on my own.

par The relationsship part of us I'm over it just the whole lead up to it all then the way it all ended is what I struggle with getting my head around some days.  

It's still early into 2014 and even though  I've said it before this year really is going to be a better year for me.  Work is going well.  Health is starting to get better both with myself and with the eating. 

Relationship wise as sad as I get some times I'm so much happier to be alone than to be in a relationship I'm unhappy in.  After everything I've been through I'm ok to wait it out and I'm patient enough too.  

Besides isn't there some sort of saying like "Good things come to those who wait?" 

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