Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Today Mr. 10 came home from school and needed me to take him out to get a onsie for school as it was last day of school tomorrow and his year were having a pyjama day at school.  Boy was it a mission.

We went from Herne Bay out to St Lukes mall when we got there I realised I didn't have my wallet and didn't really want to go back home then to the mall again.  Lucky for me I had my drivers license in the car.  Headed to ASB bank and was given a replacement card which I needed to replace months ago.  Woo.  Got that sorted all in 20ish minutes.

The next hour or so we were at the mall was a mission.  Mr. 10 went from shop to shop to shop trying to find a onsie that he wanted to wear.  It needed to have a hood and it needed to be an awesome animal.  We went to I don't know around 6 different shops before we FINALLY found one.  After waiting to hear back from Caro she said it was ok for Mr. 10 to get it...I told Mr. 10 that the $50 it cost to get that onsie is like a lifetime of chores lol.  Lucky for him it was on sale for $38 but he still needs to work a lifetime of chores to pay it back.

As crazy as it was Mr. 10 was happy and we came away with an awesome onsie.

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