Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Rainbow Loom

My kids are in love with this new craze that is Rainbow Loom.  There are days when we are doing nothing and they can both just sit there and make bracelets galore.  Or use the iPad to find tutorials.

Today was no exception.  Mr. 10 has soccer so instead of dropping him off and coming back Mr. 6 and I tend to do a mix of watching him practice, play games on the tablet or do rainbow loom.  Today Mr. 6 was keen to get in some tutorials.  He got a little stuck and ended up giving him but he made this awesome bracelet for me which I love and wear.  He did warn me though to take it off when I sleep because it gets sore and tight lol.  All in all a good day.  Soccer starts this weekend for Mr. 10 so I might have to go out and watch the game depending on what time it is.

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