Sunday, 6 April 2014

Superhero Birthdays

Got invited last minute to flatmates grandsons superhero themed 2nd birthday. Fun afternoon.  I had all of yesterday to think of a costume but decided to wait last minute to pull together a costume. I've always been like that when it comes to dress up things.  

Birthday was fun and lots of bad yummo food which I totally ate.  Kel did an awesome job with baking all the cupcakes and Loren did an amazing jobs with the decorating.  Not sure where the cake came from but white chocolate cake totally yummo.  The brown family looked amaze!

After all of my back and forth with costume ideas I decided to go with this.  Made it last minute and all for under $30. 

Making the tutu

Done and added some felt stars on the front

Gold card for the arm band with red felt stars


Done and done. :)

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