Monday, 1 June 2015

Queens Birthday

It's been exactly 6 months since I last updated this blog!  How USELESS is that!  I always tend to want to write out my feelings when I'm stressed, sad, happy or some other emotion under the sun and fortunately or unfortunately however you see it today is one of those days.  Firstly though, lets catch up from the beginning of the year.

Great start to the year, E and I had spent Christmas together and things seemed to be going well.  We went away up North together which was really nice.  It was good to get out of Auckland and spend time away together.  We probably ate a bit too much and drank a little too much BUT we had an amazing time and we were lucky enough to stay in a friends home.  We relaxed, checked out the sites, drove to random places.  We had a really great time.

Goodbye Auckland.

We also stopped in at Kerikeri for the supermarket
and a bite to eat

E also wanted to check out the stonehouse which
was awesome.

Our first night up north and the sunset was

Def can't forget the alcohol and chips totally
good combination right?!

Not a lot happened in February actually.  Things with work are still going well.  Kids are doing amazingly.  Took them for haircuts. Sam and I got addicted to watching darts on TV for some reason. Oh and we also tried out the Lewis Road Creamery chocolate milk which wasn't too bad!  Not sure it's worth the $4 though!

Sometimes grilled cheese is all you want for dinner

Sam and I LOVED watching this NO idea why

Haircut for my kids

And the ridiculously expensive chocolate milk
that isn't even worth the $4!!!

Another quiet month though I did catch the bus down to Palmerston North to meet Lisa which was awesome, the bus ride not so much as I was sick all the way down.  Never again will I catch the bus for such a long distance.  I went down to help her out with the wrap business at a body building comp she was at.  Honestly, the people who do body building HUGE dedication.  I'm soo impressed with what they do and all of the hard work they put in.  I don't think I could EVER do it but I LOVED that all of the people we saw on stage enjoy and love what they do.  It was also my first time at a body building event which truth be told I actually really enjoyed the event.   Had an awesome time with Lisa as well spending time together and getting to know each other.  Felt like we had been friends FOREVER hehe.  Soo glad that I have made such good friends through the wrap business.   Sadly, Lisa and  didn't even get any photos in together lol.  Oh and totes got a haircut... selfie is on lol

The whole group

A lady I know of through a fitness group I'm in was
also in the comp, she looks amazing


April has been my MOST fav month of all this year. I took 2 weeks off of work and spent 2 weeks in Australia with my family.  It was soo good to see them.  It was my sisters 21st birthday soo I flew across and spent time with all of my family.. at least on Dad's side.  My parents separated when we were younger soo I didn't get a chance to see my Mum but I did love and enjoy spending time with my siblings, dad, cousins, family and my niece and nephew.  LOVED it there and def want to go back again soon.  Missing them all like crazy.  Though next trip on the cards is a trip to see Mum.. hopefully that trip happens sooner rather than later.  April was also my birthday and I'm lucky that I have people who love and care for me enough to go out of their way to help celebrate the day with me.  Photos galore for April BUT I LOVED every part of April. I don't know if any other month can top that!!  At least we have another 6 months to go to find out.

Australia here I come!

I arrived super late into Australia but as soon as I woke my niece was already keen to spend time and take a selfie the addict lol Excuse the bad hair

My totally spunky nephew

My sisters birthday was in Mckay soo we drove from Brisbane up to the Gold Coast and flew out from there, was a pretty good drive up and the flight over wasn't too bad either. Road trip selfie is compulsory.

Checked in and ready to fly out.  Mckay here we come.

First night in Mckay was amazing.  I had soo much fun with my siblings and it was nice for us all to just sit at the table playing cards, chatting and just all spending time together, even if I did lose at the dumb drinking game... TWICE!  The next day everyone came back to Dads for breakfast... I helped get it all together as I was awake early and had cleaned up all the 5 million empty beer bottles.  Good food though.

Photo of my brother sister and I for our Mum.  The sister whose birthday it was is my Dad's daugther and not Mums soo Mum requested a photo of us 3 together.

Here we all are, Dad with his kids.

I spent an extra day in Mckay but flew back down to Brisbane to spend what was left of my trip with my brother, sister in law and the kids.  Even got to give them their easter eggs since we were away at my sisters birthday for easter.

My last few days there we spent together at home and at times went to the mall and took the kids out shopping etc.  I loved spending time with them all.  My niece even had 2 lots of candy floss like she actually needed the sugar, crazy kid.

We even saw Megatron at the mall... Roimata wanted to share her candy floss with him lol.

My nephew can't walk yet BUT he loves to push this around and is really good with it as well.

My last day here and we are on our way to the airport and these cool kids all want to go to sleep lol.

It was soo hard to say goodbye to everyone, my poor niece cried and didn't even want to say goodbye to me I had to go too as I was getting all teary eyed. I had an amazing trip away and LOVED that I got to spend time with my family.  I miss them all like crazy and can't wait to visit again soon. NZ here we come.  I have missed you... not so much work BUT def NZ hehe.

My birthday was great and I had fun enjoying it with people that I love and care about.  Got this amazing charm to add to my necklace and had an amazing breakfast as well.

Breakfast made by RayRay... it was soo good

Cake celebrations  When you can't decide on 1 just choose them all

I also was lucky enough that TP made dinner for me as well which was also good. She makes super amazing good roast.  Soo good.

Kel and Parker also made me a cake!  Super spoilt.

Hard to believe we are nearly half way through the year. May was a good month.  I settled back into work nicely after being away though I think I needed a holiday to recover from my holiday.  Things with E and I are still going well.  We see each other as much as we can which is nice.  My kids have settled into their new home over on the shore.  I also moved into a place of my own which I LOVE, it was a little difficult getting use to it BUT am really enjoying it here and the landlords are super friendly and nice soo glad that after looking a 5 million places I found one that I loved and one where they landlord loved me enough to let me move in hehe.  I also got offered a new job which I first turned down due to the hours not working with the kids they came back saying they were flexible soo I said I wanted morning only and needed a pay rise.  They accepted and I will give my notice at my current job and start my new job July 6th.  Should be interesting but looking forward to change and seeing how it all goes.  Things with E and I seem to be going ok, we have our ups and downs and lately they've been a bit emotional BUT I'm dealing with it... well... trying to and hoping we can get it all worked out.  End of the day whatever happens, I want him to be happy... I also want to be happy too and we both deserve that.  Know one really knows how things pan out or why good or bad things happen but they do and we can only learn from whatever life throws at us.


Dining Area. I REALLY love the coffee table I've moved the couch to the other side as I will be mounting the TV onto the wall where the couch is in this picture.  I'll have to take an updated photo once it's all done


Its the 1st of June and I'm honestly looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year turns out.  I don't know what will happen.  I'm excited to be started a new job in a months time.  I'm excited that I still get to have the kids.  I'm excited that I am living on my own for the first time in my life andd I'm excited that with everything going on I still have people around me who love and care for me.. even if I don't know how to  go to them sometimes at least I know if I did need too, I have people.

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