Friday, 6 November 2015

Freaky Friday

Nan and I were busy watching TV tonight when someone called around half an hour ago. Before I answered I said to Nan someone better be dying for people to be calling us THIS late... sadly that was the case.  Nan's cousins passed away.  Weird story though he has been in Whangarei hospital for the last little while and then he asked to go home yesterday only to get home and pass away tonight.  Sad for the family but he's been sick for a little while so good to be going to a better place :)

Nan and I will head to Kaitaia this weekend I think otherwise Monday depending on when the funeral is. I love funerals specifically because it's the only time almost your entire family is there but it's also a sad time as you've also lost a loved one.

Go out and tell the people you love and care about how much you love them.  You never know what tomorrow may bring.

All my love to the family up north and we will see you soon x

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