Friday, 13 November 2015

Oops... My Bad

Have you ever been in a situation where you've sent an email, message or a text to the wrong person? It's happened to me multiple times before and for the most part the texts to the wrong person have all been pretty innocent.

There was this one time I had watched a snap from a girlfriend went to reply and said something along the lines of... "I want wine you hot babe, seriously gorgeous" unfortunately it went to a guy I follow on twitter!  It was pretty awkward... all he replied back with was ?? I don't blame him poor guy!  Super awkward though.

Something more recent.. I was busy chatting with another girlfriend when I went to send her a link to a website.  What I didn't know was that the link didn't actually copy and before checking to see what I had pasted I hit send and instead of a link to a website it was an email that was meant for a guy and in no way was it G rated!  lol.  I'm lucky that the person who I sent it to knows me pretty well and I don't mind her knowing that stuff about my life BUT it still doesn't stop me from having that little mini heart attack.

Even though I've shared a lot about myself these past few years there are somethings I still wish to keep to myself and as for my family... I'm sure they don't want be reading about X rated emails that go to the wrong people.

Life is crazy enough without me having to share what goes on behind closed doors don't you think? 

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