Tuesday, 24 November 2015


The other day our dog had puppies.  We weren't too sure how many pups there were but this morning I climbed under the house and managed to get one of the puppies.  Went into town to get some milk from the vet because the Mum isn't feeding or making enough milk for the pup and when I came home from town there 2 pups soo now we have 2 pups that I'm not in charge of taking care of.  They're good puppies and hopefully they get stronger.

We had no bottles but for some reason Nan had a baby bottle so we've been using that to feed the puppies, they're a little too small for the bottle and it's taking  alot for them to get use to drinking from the bottle but they'll be better.

On top of that I still need to think of a name for the puppies. My one is the big fat one! :) lol They're both girls so any name ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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