Saturday, 14 November 2015

Saturday Adventures

Today was an awesome day!  Grandparents and I went into Kerikeri for some shopping and not the food or clothing kind.

First we hit up the TAB and Papa asked me if I wanted to make an investment then when I said I only had $50 he said oh never mind give me that and I'll pay you back and borrowed my $50 lol. He makes me laugh but I love that ever since I was a kid I've always known that he has bet on the horses! It's his thing.

After the TAB we hit up bunnings and stocked up on herbs and vegetables for the garden.  LOVE the variety of things that they have there and soo glad that we were able to pick up things for our garden and I can't wait for them to grow so we can eat them all.

We picked up Coriander, Lettuce , Basil, Lemon Grass,  Tomatoes and Cucumber from Bunnings and then when we went to the Kerikeri markets I also got some strawberries.  I'm the only one who eats them soo hopefully they grow like crazy I'll be having strawberry everything.

After our trip and shopping spree at Bunnings we then went to the Kerikeri markets to pick up some vegetables to freeze and throw into the freezer.  I love how everything there is all organic and locally grown and super affordable.  I love all of the things we came home with.

Another awesome day here in the far north! I'm enjoying being here and today I got to learn how to plant my own vegetables, herbs and fruit hehe!  Soon I'll be off and being some farmers wife.

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