Sunday, 13 December 2015

Farm House

Today Nan and I went up to the farm to see if we could find some timber to fix the bottom of the dog kennel as it has some holes in it.  I haven't been to the farm in ages and it really was sad seeing the farm in the state that it is in now.  The house burnt down a few years back so now that's left is the barn and the little batch thing that Nan and Papa use to live in when we were younger. 

It would be awesome to go back and build up there or even just to get someone to go there and tidy it up because it's a HUGE mess.  I think all of us cousins need to make a plan to get it all going so that we as a family have somewhere to go to when we all come home. 

I LOVED living up at the farm and loved going down to the creek with my cousins, eating Totara berries off the tree, blackberries and figs.  Amazing memories of living there at the farm.  Now to try to convince my cousins to all get together to clean it all up and build some sort of house there.  Marae styles.

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