Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Soo after being here something like... 4 months I finally managed to convince my nan to get internet at her place. It means changing phone providers and me also paying for the internet but seriously I need it to keep myself sane.  On top of that I really need to try and do something with my life and find some sort of work to do whether it's online or out in the community. Anything.

The guy came to set it up and within an hour we were up and running with amazing super fast internet though I only wish it was all you could eat.  I should be grateful at least I don't have to worry about using all of my phone data and it taking 5 million years to send an email.

As much as it's been okay without internet sometimes you just NEED to have internet...and thanks to Uber we do all I need now is ALL YOU CAN EAT!

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