Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I have never ever seen my cousin as the girl who has down syndrome. She is just like you and I but what I LOVE about her is that she always (for the most part see's the best in life.  She had soo much fun with the puppies and she especially LOVED Marley (who she named BTW).  She loved to help me feed them and really loved being able to cuddle them and just spend time with the puppies.

A funny story though, she loves Marley more than she does Sox because while we sat playing cards J was outside with the puppies cuddling Marley and blocking Sox from getting into the cuddle as well then I could hear her outside telling Sox off for trying to interrupt Jaime and Marley bonding time.

I love my cousin and it's always so much fun spending time together, even if she thinks we are mean for not letting her play Samba with us :)

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