Saturday, 5 December 2015


My family have ALWAYS been huge fans of games.  Card games and board games in particular mostly though it's card games that we LOVE to play.

Last night my cousin and my Aunty arrived late to spend the weekend with us which I love because my Aunty loves to sit and play cards for hours on end until all of hours of the morning and tonight wasn't any different.

We ate junk food, drank lots of wine, ate way too much food and spent the day playing Samba.  I got thrashed and ended up posting to FB to tell my other family members we needed another team mate. Playing solo isn't as good as playing in a team as it's a lot harder to try and get the cards you need but it's still a lot of fun.  My cards sucked and I kept on picking up the pack in the hopes it would help me but not once did it help me at all.

I can not wait for the next time when we are all together to play cards... I actually think my Aunty is going to be here early next year for a week!  Woop!  Can't wait!

Who else plays cards or board games with their family?

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