Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thorwback Thursday

When your cousin visits with a HUGE bag of photos so you sort through them to see if there are any of you as a kid!  Lo and behold there are a few even one of when I broke my arm.  Crazy story that one. I decided I wanted to jump up and down on the bed to look at my sister in the cot, nek minit I ended up jumping right off the bed and breaking my arm in 4 places. Crazy kid.

I LOVED growing up so close with all of my cousins.  Aunty Sharron would take photos ALL the time when we were kids and we had so much fun together hanging out. Writing letters to Santa. Christmas up at the farm. We really did spent a lot of time together growing up it's why I wish we all lived closer now so that all of the cousins kids can hang out and spend time together.

Can you tell which one I am in any of the photos? lol 

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