Saturday, 19 December 2015

Uncle Tamatea

Uncle Tamatea died last night so we headed over to the Marae this morning.  It was a long day and tomorrow I think will be a lot longer with having the actual service tomorrow.  Tuhirangi is a nice Marae.  Nan and I ended up making bread and we didn't even get to try it before it was eaten haha.  Oh well was nice to help out in the kitchen.  Nan and I would prefer to be in the kitchen than in the Marae all day sometimes.
We also went to another tangi just up the road.  Soo 2 in one day was a bit sad but that burial/service isn't until Monday but I think nan and Papa will go on their own.
Sad that Uncle Tamatea is gone but Nan said he's in a  better place especially with how he looked when they saw him the other day.  So sad really. 

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