Monday, 25 January 2016

First Night

It was a really weird/different day today...  Cedric gone. Everyone all sort of quiet but at the same time still sharing funny stories and things about Cedric.  A few people came to visit which was nice.  Some family, some people from Aunty's work.  A couple from her work even came with trays of sandwiches along with cakes/biscuits galore.  WAY too much for but we managed to get through some of them. 

It's been a nice day though just being all together.  Cedric has gone to the undetaker and will at the funeral home where we will be able to go and see him before the funeral Thursday.  It's been delayed a few days because Cedric's other son Ross is on his way over from Australia and can only get here Wednesday.

Aunty Mina seems to be coping okay, well as okay as she can be,  I'm glad that we are all here with/for her as it's going to be a  hard few days for her and everyone. 

Steven has also been visiting and everything is slowly getting sorted for the funeral Thursday.   Cedric didn't want a funeral at all lol.  And honestly if he was here he would be telling everyone off for not cremating him today lol. 

Should be a good next few days and reallly loving being here with family that I don't usually get to see.

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