Thursday, 28 January 2016


Today was an amazing day! So many people turned up for the funeral even though we thought there would be hardly anyone.  The crematorium was filled and there were people standing outside.  So many spoke about Cedric, Papa included and it was soo good to hear all of the stories people shared about Cedric.

Neena gave a talk on behalf of Aunty (her Mum) and we had a recording of her daughter singing a song which was beautiful.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the Crematorium once everyone was done with getting up.

Completely different funeral to the funerals I am use to on the Marae but I know that it was what Cedric wanted and I actually really enjoyed it.  It went longer than what we thought it would have gone and towards the end the Celebrant had to ask people to stop getting up to share stories etc hehe. 

After the service was done food and drinks were put on up at the KT and a few people came to that which was really great.  We spent a few hours there with everyone before we all headed up to have drinks at home with the family and also with someone from Aunty's work.  Drinks were on before KJ and I went to get food for us all.  KFC and Indian.  PERFECT food to help soak up the alcohol.

I also had a really amazing chat with Keri-John  and for once got to actually get to know him and chat with him. He and Neeena are a bit older than me and are more Mums cousins but soo good to have been able to spend time with them both. 

Aunty Sharon and J also popped over as well as Aunty couldn't make it to the funeral so nice to be able to see them since they've been away in Australia.  We will see them tomorrow for a long weekend of cards again hehe.

Manged to drink all my cider and my bottle of wine with Neena wanting me to go out again with them ummm no thank I'm way too tired now it's nearly midnight and all I want to do is sleep. Zzzz

Such an amazing day and have LOVED being here so much,.  Part of me is looking forward to getting home but part of me has loved being here and doesn't want to leave.  It's been a really great week even if it has been sad, happy and long.

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