Thursday, 7 January 2016

Post Op

Long day today.  Early start with having to drive to Auckland to see the surgeon.  Good drive and not much traffic on the road.  We went the free route through Orewa which was a lot better a more nicer drive.

Appointment went well.  I need more surgery as looking down it's as if no surgery has been done at all.  I will go to Auckland every 2 weeks and have 4 sessions of where they will inject steroids directly into the scar tissue that is holding my vocal cords together.  It will be an intense few weeks but we are hoping that that gives better progress and more of a need for where I don't rely or need the trachy.  At the moment I am still 100% reliant on the trachy so hoping that it comes out or we get to a point where I don't have to rely on it as much as I do at the moment.

 It's really not attractive AT ALL but I thought I really want to take a photo of what my vocal cords look like.  Not good at all.  That small hole is where the air goes through to get into my lungs.  Well it would be if it weren't for the trachy that band underneath is the scar tissue that's holding my vocal cords together.

I'm not sure when it will be but I'm thinking it'll be a couple of months away until I see Jacqui again but we will see in the mean time I enjoy living life here in the far north middle of nowhere no mans land.

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