Wednesday, 10 February 2016


This morning I got a call from the Hospital to say that surgery is all booked in starting 7th March. It will be done every 2 weeks for 4 sessions.  So I will be making several trips to Auckland. I'm glad at least that I am only going to North Shore but am really hoping that this surgery makes a difference.

Jacqui will be injecting steroids directly into the scar tissue that is joining my vocal cords together.  We are hoping that with doing this it stops the scarring from joining everything back together. I will also be given some medication that helps with this as well.

There are days I am totally over all of my surgery but then there are days where I am happy and loving live here in the far north though if I'm being honest I am missing work and the socialising that goes with working so hopefully this surgery is a success and I can progress and move on with my life... though I'm still torn between living here and living in Australia.  First things first though get everything fixed and sorted with surgery.

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