Friday, 27 May 2016


It's a strange feeling when you've been talking with someone for so long sharing so much that when you end up being friendzoned that you realise your feelings are a lot more than that of friendship. 

There were times where I thought perhaps things had the potential for more but at the same time he was/is going through something where I thought he wasn't ready to date so never said anything.  This past week however he's dated,  talked to girls with the potential for more and here I am in the friendzone.  Don't get me wrong,  he's an awesome friend and we've got close but never before have I had to experience the whole 'we've shared so much we just friendzoned each other'.  I'm aware that it happens and in my short lived 30 years this is the first time it's happened. 

I'm not sure if I feel sad,  happy or hurt but right in this moment I know I would rather have him as a friend than nothing at all.  I guess it's weird. The one time I actually talk to a guy, it's all platonic and we end up in the friendzone. 

To be honest,  I don't know how any of it  will turn out but for now I will step back and just focus on my weekend away with Aunty Sharron and just enjoy being with family.  I guess like they say,  sometimes you fall for the people you least expect. 

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