Saturday, 27 August 2016

Self Confidence

Sooo this is ME!


For over a year now I've been dealing and living life with a trachy.  I've had multiple surgeries in the hopes of eventually getting the trachy out. 

Recovery hasn't always been easy in fact there have been times where it's been so rough I've had to go back to hospital a few times. 

I'm so grateful to the Nurses, Doctors,  my surgeon and the amazing family and friends I have that support me and help get me through life as I deal with the ongoing issues we have from having the trachy and multiple surgeries.

One of the things I know I lack since getting the trachy is self confidence.  Don't get me wrong I'm totally grateful,  lucky and blessed to be alive and to be here but there are times when (even though I know better) that I struggle with the whole... People are going to judge me or stare at me mentality.  It has stopped me from doing a lot of things this past year and even though I say if people can't accept me as I am then I don't need them in my life it's easier said than done. 

Over this past year I've also signed up for multiple work from home opportunities thinking... I'll just use social media to get me through because I was always too insecure too go out and do something more.  Eventually I stopped with them mostly because of insecurities and also to do with the company not working out.  A few months back I tried another product.  Not to sell it or even to do as a business but mostly because I loved the reviews and information I had read about the company.  With life being hectic, the big move to Whangarei and multiple hospital visits I stopped taking the product. 

It wasn't until my last hospital visit and something that I saw on a FB live video that made me realise that...  Life is way too short. I know we can't always hope,  want or expect life to go to a plan.  There is no plan.  I've spent so much of this last year afraid to do things because I 'cared'  what people thought about me and the trachy.  Would they laugh at me? Would they judge me? Would they stare? But seriously Why should their opinion matter?  If I'm happy and 99.9% of the time I am why should I even care what people think?  Why should I let people's opinions or thoughts on how I look or what I do stop me from being me or stop me from sharing a business opportunity or even think about going to school? 

If I've learnt anything it's that life really is way too short.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring in fact we're not even guaranteed a tomorrow.  Live everyday as if it were your last.  Take a chance.  Take risks.  Don't be afraid to do more.  Who cares what people think. Don't let anyone make you feel like their opinion matters.  If you're happy that's the most important thing.  

Now go out there and be awesome who really cares what people think.... !