Thursday, 29 September 2016

Bob Hair Roadtrip

One of the two things I love about going on road trips with J is that she LOVES to blast music super loud and dance like nobody's watching.  Even if the people in the cars next to us are watching.  She doesn't care.  I don't care and we both have fun just dancing and singing as flat as we can.  Well in my case super breathy can only get 2 words out before I'm out of breath lol.  The other thing is she feels so special wanting to pay for EVERYTHING for everyone.  She must think she has unlimited money in her account.  I think her mum would beg to differ.  Lol. She is such an amazing generous person and I'm so lucky to have her in my life 24/7 even if sometimes she gets mad at me and wants to call her mum to tell on me lol. 

We had an amazing time away and so glad we were able to spend the night with Leanne and eat way too much junk food. Chinese was good.  Sorry Aunty Sharron.  Lol.  Road trips are meant for food and loud music at least we passed on the alcohol. Hehe. 

This morning we drove into town where J gets her hair done (she calls it Bob hair like Bob Marley) and patiently waited for Sam to arrive.  She loves Sam though she doesn't love getting her hair done because it hurts.  She also made me stand with her the whole 40 minutes we were there.  Lucky I love her. 

When we were done with her hair we stopped in at Albany mall and had tank for lunch.  Also managed to lose the car keys but luckily we only went to 3 places so I back tracked to the 2 food places we went to before going to information where someone had handed them in.  Nearly had a mini heart attack. 

Tonight we are at dinner with Js Poppa at the bowling club and having fun together.  We are so lucky that we get to spend time with him and I know that J loves being here.  Secretly,  I think she just loves the food lol. 

Busy couple days but home for the weekend before heading to Auckland again Monday for surgey then a night with a friend Tuesday and home again Wednesday.  It wasn't a very smart thing for me to go to Auckland twice in a couple days but J needed her hair done and I had an amazing time away with her.  We need to do more road trips together I'm thinking. 

Where to next...

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