Monday, 26 September 2016

Trachy Study

A couple weeks ago I received a phone call from Auckland DHB ORL team wanting to know if I would be interested in participating in a trachy study.  It wasn't anything big but I thought the least I could do was participate in the hopes it helps other people. 

The study was broken down into 2 sections.  The first one being a face to face interview where they asked question on how I dealt with the trachy.  How it affected my life.  Did I feel I got enough information when I got the trachy or left the hospital.  I really enjoyed it and even though I had only just had surgery the day before I still managed to talk and share how I felt having a trachy had affected my life.  Or even enhanced my life. 

The second part of the study was last week where they had a design work shop and everything was related to the design of the trachy.  And how we could get more information from a personalised website. I loved the design side of it.  It was a personalised website based on the type of trachy you have and what sort of information you were after.  Mostly they wanted to see what information was missing from the site.  What needed to be added.  Taken out.  It was great. 

The other side of the design aspect was the way the trachy looked and if there were things that we felt needed to be changed.  For me personally I wouldn't have changed much aside from how far out the trachy protrudes but other than that I was and am happy with the current design.  The design student who is doing her honours had made different types of designs using a 3D printer.  She also had made different types of straps which all were awesome.  I wish I had taken a photo but I was too excited to check out the new designs lol. 

I loved being able to go and participate in the workshop and know that what information I provided based on my own experiences would hopefully help other people who have trachys or for those who have family that need trachys. 

I gave my email address to the students in case they wanted more info as the workshop was only done that one time. 

As much as i am over having a trachy I'm still so grateful that I have it as it helps me to breath.  I'm also grateful that there are people who are willing to study and work towards helping others with information and different designs. 

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