Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Crossing The Line

Generally I'm not really one to care what people do or who they do but today the grandparents and I were discussing the whole Aaron Smith ordeal.  Both of seemed to have a HUGE opinion on it,  which I'm not sure why but it's fun getting into discussions with them.

Nan seems to think the girl should have just kept her legs closed and that Aaron was/is an idiot.  There were a few other colorful words mixed in there as well but she just seems to think they were both stupid. 

Papa on the other hand.  He talks about people (for a better term of the word... "sleeping around")  like it's a really bad thing and people shouldn't be doing it.  He went on to say it was always said back in the days girls need to learn to not be all in your face.  Lol. 

My grandparents I think grew up in a time where things were always black and white there are no shades of grey.  Guys do outside work. Girls do inside work.  There isn't anything wrong with that but I'm more of a things should be done equally not this is my job this is yours. 

When it comes to Smith and his crazy toilet ventures my grandparents can be quite judgemental.  Things like,  he shouldn't have had sex in the toilet.  He should have kept his pants up.  She should have not been so loose and wanting to get with him. I laugh at how they base their opinions on Smith and this lady on what the media choose to share. 

My feelings on it all is...  Yes what Smith did was bad but it's not the end of the world. I totally get that he's an AB and it's the only reason why it's such a HUGE deal but end of the day everyone makes mistakes.

I also in a way feel bad for the couple who decided to go to the media. For some reason, they chose to watch them,  listen to and then record Smith and this girl having sex or doing whatever it was they decided to do in the toilets.  Now the couple are dealing with the backlash of the whole thing.  I'm not sure why they didn't choose to just leave it but I guess they thought the public "needed"  to know when in reality I don't think anyone would have cared.  Either that or maybe I'm just that small percentage of people that doesn't really care. 

If Smith was just a normal person not an AB or even if he wasn't in uniform would he have been outed?  There's no going back now I just find it weird that everyone was quick to jump on the he shouldn't do that he needs to lead by example because he's a public figure bandwagon.

Nan seemed to think maybe that couple who recorded Smith and this girl should have just shared it with their friends rather than the whole world.  Gosh I love Nan. 

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