Sunday, 16 October 2016

Day of Rest

Today wasn't all that interesting to be honest.  I spent most of the day catching the bus to Auckland. Caught up with a friend for the afternoon and that was pretty much it.  Not even anything worth blogging about but since I don't want to miss a day I thought why not blabber on about nothing. 

These last few days I've also been participating in the photo a day post being run by Mental health foundation of NZ.  It's been fun being able to post photos of a specific theme everyday.  I know a lot of people who struggle through and with mental illness so I was happy to be able to participate.  I've often wondered how people deal with mental illness because to be honest those of us who don't go through it tend to think people should just be happy or that something so little (to us)  shouldn't be a HUGE thing for others.  Unfortunately it is but I always admire those who go through life on top of the struggles they have to deal with.  I think life can sometimes such in general so having to deal with that on its own is hard enough for me let alone trying to deal with mental health issues as well so I really admire those who go through both. 

I know I'm rambling and I'll stop but I guess it's something to think about.  Everyone we meet is going through their own sort of battle.  Life is hard enough as it is so always be a friend and reach out to those who need us. 

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