Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Fun

Today was an amazing day.  Spent the morning with Nikki and J and had so much fun. 

First stop was the nail salon where J went to get her nails done for the LYNKS social.  It was fun watching J get her nails done though she was pretty much over it after the first 5 minutes of having to wait for her nails to dry.  Didn't help she scratched the polish off accidently and the lady had to do them again. 

After getting her nails done we went to Quarry arts and looked at J doing art glasses which looks amazing.  They have a stepping stones program which runs for 6 weeks and is where people with disabilities go to do art.  J seems pretty keen so that will be another awesome thing for Nikki to do with J. 

Once we'd checked out Quarry arts we then hit the supermarket grabbed some lunch and went to Mair Park to eat and get in a quick 5 minute walk.  For some reason the salad that J got didn't have a fork in it sooo it was a eat our food with our fingers kind of day.  Super messy but end of the day J enjoyed it and had fun. 

Tonight we went to the LYNKS social.  The theme was Prince and Princess.  J decided she wanted to go as a Harry Potter Princess.  Then she changed her mind to be Hermaine from HP.  Nikki and I just went as random Princess'.  The social was amazing and I LOVED that you can dance like a crazy person and just have fun.  We managed to dance for 3 hours straight pretty much and I'm so glad J had fun. 

We've been home the last little while and J has already climbed into bed.  Can't wait for the next social.  Soo much fun and such amazing people to be around.

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