Thursday, 6 October 2016

Just J

This week J started with her new support worker Nikki (she's a human BTW not one of the dogs as someone asked me).  She absolutely LOVES Nikki and from the first day we met Nikki (early last week)  all J could talk about was when she would see Nikki again and if she was going to be coming to dinner with us with Poppa.

J has had an amazing first week with Nikki with walks everyday,  being able to groom the horses,  visiting doggy day care,  walking Parihaka (some of it),  going to LYNKS and spending time with her friends and baking.

Every morning J wakes up and has breakfast before being super early and ready waiting for Nikki to pick her up.  She loves being able to get out everyday and I'm loving how she's so much more comfortable with herself,  getting out and wanting to do more.

Next month LYNKS is going to Wellington for 4 days and J can't wait to go on camp she's even more excited that she gets to go with her 2 best friends Roberta and Monique (pretty sure that's her other BFF).

LYNKS is such an amazing program and I'm so glad that it is available for people with disabilities.  We are so lucky to have the support and help that we do both through LYNKS and with the help we get from Nikki.  I have a feeling J won't want Nikki to leave EVER!  lol.

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