Monday, 3 October 2016

Not a good day...

Today the day didn't go as planned at all. I did a stupid thing and was over taking a truck in a passing lane and managed to get a speeding ticket on top of an automatic 28 day suspension on my license.  My own silly fault really.  I then had to call around to get people to 1 pick me up and take me to the hospital on top of picking up and taking my car home as I couldn't drive at all.

It was a huge drama and mess and I was late to the hospital for surgery which I called them to advice I would be.  I got to the hospital an hour late which isn't so bad it just meant I had less of a wait time before going in for surgery.

Surgery went well.  Wake up amazingly.  No major issues just drowsy as usual but it went well.  I'm back again in a month so will see how that goes.

Also have to either appear in court on the 13th for my speeding or write in a letter admitting that I was speeding.  I haven't decided what I'll do yet so will see how that all pans out.  Don't speed people it's not worth it and it causes too many accidents and not worth the extra 5 minutes you save if you injure yourself or someone else.  Huge lessons learnt there but totally crazy and scary all at the same time.

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