Saturday, 15 October 2016

TAB Trackside

We all woke early this morning as the Kamo Club were having markets today.  Nan and I thought we'd be awesome and have some breakfast there.  Got up to the club,  looked around the stores as well as at the couple of hot rod cars that were there and found no food. I was a bit disappointed as I thought Yes!  Market food should be amazing. Sadly the only food they had were cake and tea. Not exactly what I wanted but we still looked around at the market and inside the club as Papa is thinking of joining. 

Weather was pretty bipolar today.  Couldn't decide if it was meant to rain or not.  Half the sky was  blue while the other half had dark clouds and rained like nobody's business. 

Went shopping at the Warehouse today too as I needed a new duvet cover and inner because the one on my bed was a Queen and way too big for it. 

Managed to sort myself out with that then Papa and I stopped in at the TAB so he could have a bet.  I've never been one to gamble on the horses because honestly I just have no clue on how it works.  Asked Papa to show me how to pick and away I went.  I didn't win anything lol but it was actually quite fun to watch the horses and hope the one/s you picked win. I'm not sure if I'll bet the horses again but I reckon it's better and more fun to bet the horses than it is to bet on the pokies. 

All in all had fun betting with Papa.  Gamblings in the blood though so best not get too addicted lol.  :P

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