Thursday, 17 November 2016

Throwback Thursday

When my marriage first ended I was overweight,  unhappy,  and not motivated at all.  I honestly couldn't care less about anything.  There were so many things that led up to where I was in my life in that moment but I knew back then I wasn't ready to kick the bad eating to the curb.  Or even trying to think about caring for myself.

It has only been in the last few years that I decided now was the time to focus on myself.  Focus on loving me.  I knew if I did it for anyone else I wouldn't stick to it.  I would give up and I would feel even more worse about myself than what I did before I started.

It wasn't easy and to be honest there were a lot of days where I ate crap,  drank a whole lot of alcohol,  couldn't be bothered exercising and some days where I just gave up all together.  I hated feeling like I had to stop eating bread or chocolate or drinking alcohol. Why couldn't I just eat anything I wanted?  Why did I have to cut out everything?  Couldn't I eat all food in moderation?  It was always a struggle for me.  I learnt that if I cut out all the chocolate, sugar,  bad food or alcohol that I would end up binging.  I would spend 2 days straight eating crap.  Next thing I knew I'd eaten a whole block of chocolate,  a packet of chips and a bottle of Pepsi Max. Sometimes I'd eat more.

This last year it was only then that I focused more on cleaner healthier eating. I stopped dieting and just ate whole food.  Sure I still had chocolate and chips and drank Pepsi max but I didn't binge like I would previously.  I learnt to eat all food in moderation.  I didn't deprive myself.  I knew if I did I would go back to old habits.  I love food.  Food is my thing.   My weakness is chips.  I love chips.  I know my eating at the moment is probably more 60% good and 40% bad but I've got the next 3 weeks to kick some habits to the curb.  Instead of having sugar filled cookies or fizzy everyday I need to switch to water and having more water healthier snacks.

Another thing I've been looking at as well is ways to get more whole foods into my body. I know I eat quite a bit of vegetables but when it comes to fruit I don't eat a lot.  If I'm being honest, in a week I might have something like a handful of grapes and an apple.  Sometimes an orange but for the most part I know I know I need more fruit and veg into my system.  Good thing is,  I may have found something which along with all of the other amazing FREE support you get.  Tips.  Advice.  Help.  Motivation.  I'm tempted to join the tribe.

The time now is for me to work on a better healthier version of myself and not just in a physical sense either.  I've got a lot of things I want and need to work on. I think it I can make great choices my 2017 is going to be the best year yet.

Life is about taking chances and taking risks. Sure you could end up hurt,  regretting a situation,  missing an opportunity or better yet finding something that can truly make you happy but at the end of the day we only have 1 life.  Now is the time to take charge and do what makes you happy. We've all got things we want to change when it comes to our health.

What are yours?

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