Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Starting New

So I'm not happy with how I look. In the last few months all I've done is eat crap and drink way too much alcohol. It's not good at all. On top of trying to make sure I'm healthy I also have J to worry about as well, or more so she's my motivation to want to do more for the both of us. Since moving to Whangarei all I've done is eat and drink. I've not watched what I've been eating and to be honest, I kinda just stopped and got into that mindset of... Oh well, I'll start tomorrow.

Yesterday I'm not sure what it was but I woke up with the desire to want to be and do more. I felt like both J and I needed and deserved that so off we went to the supermarket.

She pushed the trolley while I loaded it with food. I decided to try and go the LCHF route again as I know this works for me.  I'm not sure how it will work with or for J but we can only try and if it doesn't work we can change it up a little.

Today was day 1 of our getting  back into better healthy eating. We jumped on the scales anddd I made breakfast.  I'm also cutting back on the wine as I totally don't need it.

So this is it. A new start and a new mid week menu.