Sunday, 21 January 2018

Day of Rest

I feel like I'm letting the stress of everyone being here get to me when really I shouldn't. It's nice having family here but I guess when you feel like they're all up in your space it makes you feel like you're claustrophobic in your own room.

Managed to sneak out for a walk by myself this morning. I needed it. It rained, I had loud music and I smashed out a good 3.3km walk. I'm doing the same loop pretty much and I'm getting faster which is good.

Food wasn't so bad. I closed my window half an hour later than I should have but I'll make up for it and fast a little longer tomorrow but have a shorter eating window.

Took cousin to run errands this morning because he starts work tomorrow and needed work crap. It was another day of stuff for everyone day.

I had plans to do laundry and veg in front of the TV but none of that happened. I also have to be up tomorrow at 630am to drop said cousin to work. I don't mind helping but sometimes the break would be awesome.

My body has been achy the last couple days I think I need to do more stretching before and after I go for my walks.

All in all a boring day! I did sneak in an ice cream anddd 2 chit chat biscuits today too. Not good but hey, ate them in my window so I'm totally okay with that.

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