Thursday, 11 January 2018

Goodbye Newcastle

I'm sitting in the Newcastle Airport departure terminal nearly 2 hours early for my flight as M had to do a drop and go. Got myself some food and now I'm just waiting. It was a little sad to not spend as much time as I'd have liked on my last day BUT I get it and he already felt bad enough.

We had an amazing awesome few days and I'm glad that we got to meet. It's interesting when someone brings you into their life and you get those little glimpses of the ins and out they'd been telling you about that goes on yet you'd never believe, unless you'd seen it with your own eyes.  He does a lot and is expected to do a lot. It doesn't help its become his life these last few years and it's all now just become habit and so ingrained it's hard to make a change.

I admire him for doing what he does but life is too short to not make your own happy. Sometimes we have to be selfish in order to have the life we deserve. The life our family deserves rather than that fairy tale that isn't real.

I won't wait forever but I'll wait some. I'll let him sort his shit and we will go from there. Like I said, these next few months are about smashing out personal health goals. Time to get my A into G and get moving.

See you soon Newcastle! 

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