Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Happy Birthday

Today is Nan and my sisters birthday.  My sister is the BIG 30 and Nan well she's the little 74! Lol. Sister is having a birthday party this weekend and if it wasn't for the fact that I'd just come back from Australia I'd have gone to her birthday. 

Nan didn't want to do anything for her birthday.  We were thinking of heading to lunch but she said no sooo we decided to bring lunch to her.  J and Aunty Arelene picked up some cooked chicken, fresh rolls and some salad.  We also had a really good chocolate cake.  Poppa picked up some sparking champagne for Nan which when we all had cake we enjoyed a small glass.  It was good. Even Papa enjoyed it and he's more of a beer drinker.

I'm glad we decided to have a little lunch for Nan.  Adam wanted to take her to dinner but she's definitely not a going out to dinner kind of person but we enjoyed cake and had a fun birthday lunch with just the 6 of us. 

Happy Birthday to the two Mereana's in my life.  Love you guys!

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