Monday, 8 January 2018


Today I flew from Brisbane to Newcastle. I wasn't sure what to think or feel. Anxious. Nervous. Happy. I did know though that I was excited but at the same time I hoped I wasn't going to be murdered. Lol.

Kim and the kids dropped me off at the airport. J stayed home waiting for my sister to pick her up. In that time she managed to help herself to food. Made a sandwich. Then she convinced Kim to make her another sandwich not knowing that J had already helped herself to one already. Js good at getting people to feed her haha. Lucky I wasn't around.

Got to the airport and the gate my flight was leaving from was already filled with people. Apparently it was everyone coming home. It was a quick 1 hour 15 minute flight. Ordered myself a Pepsi max as we left. Most expensive drink ever but totally worth it. Lol. A baby cried the whole flight though, poor thing. I'm guessing he had sore ears.

When my flight landed I nearly needed a nervous pee. Once off the plane I got into the airport and I was totally fine. Not nervous at all. The airport is in the middle of nowhere and Newcastle is actually famous for coal. Wouldn't have known that so you learn something new everyday.

We arrived into the CBD and once we managed to find where we were staying, the carpark, the apartment entrance and the key we'd checked in all okay. Well kinda checked in. It's an apartment so you kinda check yourself in. It's actually a really nice apartment and I'd totally live in an apartment like this. Has everything you need. Amazing views. Space for people to stay. Minimalist living but not to the point where you can't make it a home.

Grabbed some subway and now I'm chilling out feeling like I need an early night. It will also be nice to sleep somewhere that isn't a couch or a kids bed haha.

Who knows how the rest of the trip will go but so much can happen in 3 days, time will tell. 

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